EAL 12 POWER 1250

2 MANUFACTURED DECLARATION OF INCORPORATION STANDARDS - The products are provided for incorporation in machines as defined in the EC Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and subsequent modifications. • PED 97/23/CE • Directive 2004/108/CE and subsequent modifications. Electromagnetic compatibility. • Low tension - Reference Directive 2006/95/CE However it is forbidden to operate our equipment in advance before the machine incorporating the products or making part thereof has been declared con- forming to the EC Machine Directive. PRECAUTIONS: Accident warning concerning possible personal injury or equipment damage due to inattention to the instructions. A) For moving, installing and maintenance operations it is obligatory to: 1 - Employ authorized personnel only for using moving equipment (cranes, forklift elevators, etc.). 2 - Wear work gloves. 3 - Never stop below a suspended load. B) Before proceeding with the electrical wiring it is obligatory to: 1 - Employ only authorized personnel 2 - Make sure the power line circuit is open 3 - Make sure the main switch on the general power panel is open and padlocked in this position. C) Before proceeding with the collector/distributor connections it is obligatory to: 1 - Employ only authorized personnel 2 - Make sure the supply circuit is closed (no pressure). 3 - When performing welding operations, make sure the flame is not aimed toward the equipment (insert a shield if required). D) DISPOSAL: LU-VE products are made of: Plastic materials: polyethylene, ABS, rubber. Ferrous materials: iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium (possibly treated). Refrigerant liquids: follow the instructions relevant to the equipment installation. E) Remove the transparent protection film from painted metal parts. Heath Exchanger: • Cu tubes • Inox tubes on request • Al fins • Alupaint fins on requist (polyester based corrosion protection, for applications and limits corrosion resistance contact LU-VE) • Cu fins on request • Other corrosion protection (Heresite, Blygold, ...) on request Copper headers: • with iron connection thread (Flanged on request) The iron parts of the dry cooler is provided with a coating that provides temporary protection against corrosion. During the installation should be given permanent protection. Fluids used: • water • brine water • other fluid monophase non-aggressive to copper, contact LU-VE for details. Max conditions of use: • 12 bar, T 100 °C fluid inlet (*) (*) The temperature can be higher for some ventilation, contact LU-VE for more details. CHARACTERISTICS