EAL 12 POWER 1250

Code 30192097 07/13 • We reserve the right to make modifications in order to improve the performance or appearance of our products at any time without notice and without any obligation to previous production. - All technical characteristics are stated in the products catalogues MAITENANCE For water without glycol; make sure that the ambient temperature is always higher than 0 °C. To prevent freezing during arrest, drain off the dry cooler by blowing air several times and introduce Glycol. IT IS RACCOMENDED 3-5 HOURLY RUN AT 4 WEEKLY INTERVALS. NOTES • Some traces of a transparent liquid may remain inside the circuit after the manufacturing process. This is evaporable oil which is compatible with refrigerants. It can easily be verified that this is oil and not water because it evaporates very quickly when touched; if a drop of it is placed on a surface it widens like a stain; and if exposed to the flame of a cigarette-lighter it burns, giving off white smoke. 12 CLEANING WITH WATER SPRAY NOTES FOR CORRECT CLEANING: • Ø flat fan spray. • water pressure 80÷100 bar. • keep the water spray at right angles to the fin edge of the both vertically and horizontally. H 2 O P max < 2 bar LAVAGGIO / CLEANING NO YES YES NO 90° 15°÷ 20° 80÷100 NO YES PERPENDICULAR Fins NO Sharp edges DANGER BURNS, hot headers WARNING LU-VE S.p.A. 21040 UBOLDO VA ITALY - Via Caduti della Liberazione, 53 - Tel. +39 02 96716.1 - Fax +39 02 96780560 - E-mail: sales@luve.it www.luve.it NO YES 90° The machines are mechanically structured to bear the weight of two persons on top of the unit carrying out maintenance tasks. However, the machines are not fit- ted as standard with protective guards to allow persons to work safely: it is entirely the responsibilty of the customer to provide adequate measures to protect the operators.