EAL 12 POWER 1250

Fig. 4/1 Position the support bar on the fan shroud, as in the pic- tures below: Fig. 4/2 It is now possible to insert the motor drive shaft connection screw into the central hole in the motor support bar, screwing it in completely: Fig. 4/3 Now screw on the eyebolt, as far as it will go, to the head of the motor connection screw protruding from the motor support bar. Fig. 4/4 A suitable hoist can then take the strain of the total weight of the sup- port bar/motor group. Fig. 5 Now the motor can be uncoupled from its support seat. The motor is attached to the seat by four 22mm diameter bolts. Fig. 6 At this point the motor can be raised and remoedl, disconnecting the wiring from the motor contacts box. Bolt fastening points To refit the motor, follow these instructions in reverse order ( Fig. 6 ÷ Fig. 1) Instructions for removing and refitting motors 11 Fig. 2 Removing the fan guard Fig. 3 Removing the fan After the fan guard has been taken off, the fan itself can be ac- cessed. • It is necessary to first unscrew and remove the 24mm head bolt. • After the bolt and washer have been removed, it is then pos- sible to extract the fan, being careful not to unbalance it. • Do not use the fan blades as levers: use instead a suitable extractor implement. Remove the fan guard grill by unscrewing the nuts and bolts with the 13mm spanner Fig. 4 Removing the motor