General information & application Minimagic is a commercial air cooler series for general application in small sized cooling and freezing rooms. All Minimagic models are characterised by a low silhouette for the efficient use of cold room space: only 14.7 cm. Capacity range (SC2 with R404) Air quantity Coil High-efficiency coil manufactured from internally grooved Cu tubes and aluminium fins. Maximized performance thanks to the high capacity TURBOCOIL® heat exchanger manufactured with internally grooved tubes and TURBOFIN® fins. S tandard fin spacings 4.5 and 6 mm. Casing Durable aluminium alloy metallic casing. Fan motors 1 or 2 fans fitted with AC fan motors Ø 254 mm, blowing through the coil. Power supply 230/50/1. Protection class IP 44. Design pressure Design pressure 24 bar. Fitted with schräder valve on the suction connection for testing purposes. Each heat exchanger is leak tested with dry air and finally supplied with a dry air pre-charge. Benefits • Slim silhouette for efficient use of cold room space • Low air velocity and low noise for comfortable working conditions • Energy efficiency: +42% compared to market benchmark • Reduce refrigerant charger: -50% compared to market benchmark • Casing in satinized aluminium • Two-year product guarantee • Easy access to on-line product information Minimagic MMC Minimagic Unit coolers for reach-in cabinet MMC Optional features • Coil corrosion protection: - pre-coated aluminium fins (AP) • Electric defrost (E) The stainless steel defrost elements are connected to dedicated terminal box. Certifications The LU-VE Exchangers quality system is in accordance with ISO 9001. All products are manufactured according to PED regulations. 340 up to 1,740 W 330 up to 1,020 m3/h Refrigerants