Spray water kit

31582873EN-03 2 LU-VE Exchangers is a trademark registered and owned by LU-VE Group. LU-VE Exchangers reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification. 1 Important information 1.1 Disclaimer This document applies to Spray Water Kit (KW) and charge/discharge module for LU-VE Exchangers SAV/SAL, EAV/EAL, XAV/XAL, EHV/EHL, XHV/XHL units. This document is supplied in combination with product manual and dedicated instruction manual. The document must be carefully examined and instructions should be followed up at all times. LU-VE Exchangers does not accept liability for any damage resulting from non-compliance to the instructions as given in the manuals and order-related documents. 1.2 Warranty This equipment is designed to operate properly when installed in accordance with accepted industry standards. Failure to meet the following conditions may result in voiding the system warranty: • Water circuit, nozzles or accessories must be installed following industry standards for good piping practices. • Set fluid flow and pressure of water circuit in accordance with what is described in this manual. • Do not set the device to work over 12 bar. • Use only water as described in this manual. • Don’t use this kit for more than 150÷400 hours per year (according to the selected fin material). • Don’t walk on pipes or supports. • Factory installed layout must not be changed without written LU-VE Exchangers approval. The connections require qualified installers to complete the liquids circuits. Do not perform any installation or maintenance operations without having disconnected the power supply. 2 Maintenance Before winter or system shut-down periods, or when temperature could drop below +4 °C, make sure that water inside the hydraulic circuit has been completely discharged to avoid damages. KW shall not be used when there is a risk of icing. To check complete emptying: • Ensure complete electrical isolation. • Remove the pressure reducer. Be careful as water spillage might occur during this operation. • Verify the absence of water inside collectors. 3 Components 3.1 Spray Water Kit Quantity Spray water pipe 1 each pipe consists of a number of modules according to the length of the unit Tube connector female 1 per tube-end Tube cap 1 per outlet