PRODUCTS DRY COOLERS • LMC • EHP INDUSTRIAL UNIT COOLERS COMMERCIAL UNIT COOLERS AIR COOLED CONDENSERS OEM PRODUCTS Product features • Performance maximisation given by the new high capacity TURBOCOIL ® heat exchanger manufactured with internally grooved tubes and TURBOFIN ® fins. • Heat exchanger ventilation optimisation. Ecology and saving • Energy consumption reduction • Noise reduction • Reduction of the internal volume of refrigerant circuit Space and transport saving • Overall dimension and weight reduction Time saving • Installation and maintenance simplification Design • High quality in design and rational planning • Maximum reliability of all components • Minimum LCC (Life Cycle Cost). APPLICATIONS The production strategy of LU-VE is based on its “Towards Excellence” programme. This concept is an inherent part of the core business of the entire Group, whose products are very closely connected to quality of life: they are used in the refrigeration of food; in air conditioning to reduce temperature and humidity in homes, hospitals, work places and transportation; in the production of energy; in industrial applications, etc. Commercial and industrial refrigeration • Conservation of fresh food • Conservation of fresh fruit and vegetables • Food processing • Seasoning • Freezing • Warehousing and logistics Air conditioning for civil and industrial buildings and close control air conditioning • Shopping centres • Data centres • Industry • Hospitals • Operating theatres • Telecommunications Applications for industrial processes • Automotive • Chemical and pharmaceutical • Oil refining • Plastics • Energy production • Industry in general Coils for OEM applications • Refrigerated display cabinets and counters • Dispensers • Ice making machines • Condensing units • Air conditioning • Made to measure solutions for special applications. LU-VE TECHNOLOGY ARMÓNIA The ARMÓNIA unit cooers guarantee excellent performance with a refrigerant charge/capacity ratio of 0.07 kg/kW, reducing the amount of ammonia in the evaporator by 67 % compared to traditional solutions available on the market. NIDEA New Intelligent DEfrosting Apparatus: Nidea optimizes all the dynamics of the electrical defrost process of unit coolers and avoid wasting energy and money, without reducing the functionality of the equipment. EMERITUS ® EMERITUS ® brings together the benefits of Spray System Evolution (SSE) and the Adiabatic System (AS). In this way the system makes the most of the synergy of the two effects: adiabatic humidification and evaporation of the water on the coil. PLUG & SAVE The integrated solution which combines big energy savings have registered reductions of up to 25% on the entire refrigeration system and respect for the environment. THE WHISPERER ® The new compact silencer dramatically PLUS reduces sound pressure level up to 6 dB(A). MINICHANNEL ® Heat exchanger designed for reducing refrigerant charge and energy consumption, combined with high operating pressures. THE WHISPERER ® This compact silencer dramatically reduces sound pressure level by up to 5 dB(A). JETSTREAMER ® Ensures uniform distribution of the air on the exchanger, greater air quantity, greatly extended use of the fan during the defrost stage and a particularly long air throw, also enables elevated heat exchange efficiency to be maintained during the frosting stage. DRY AND SPRAY ® This innovative system, thanks to its new nozzle configuration, can function using softened water for up to 900 hours per year. SMART ® The new patented structure has many advantages such as: greater product rigidity, reduced unit weight, better and more uniform air circulation, minimum performance loss if one fan stops. WET AND DRY ® Thanks to its use of water filtered with an inverted osmosis cycle, it could operate for a greater number of working hours. . JET-O-MATIC ® This distributor, designed to guarantee maximum performance of the heat exchanger in different operating conditions, ensuring a greater operational stability and less frost. SPRAY SYSTEM ® Enable the use of untreated water for a limited number of hours per year. SAFETUBES Completely eliminates contact between SYSTEM ® tube and condenser or dry cooler structure, providing full protection for the coil tubes during transport, installation and operation. On 10 March 2016, EUROVENT awarded LU-VE a certificate of merit for never having any failures in test performance compared with declared data. LU-VE is the only EUROVENT certified company to receive this important recognition. At the end of 2020, LU-VE Group was amongst the very first companies to obtain Eurovent certification (No. 00.10.214) for CO2 unit coolers (thermal capacity, sound level and energy consumption), marketed under the brands LU-VE Exchangers and AIA LU-VE. In the twenty years since then, LU-VE products have passed all the laboratory tests required by the certification procedure, which provides for an annual verification of some models of the ranges, chosen by Eurovent as a sample, and tested at specialized international institutes. Moreover, in 2010 we decided to invest in CO2, designing the first test plant (amongst our competitors) in Europe dedicated to the heat exchangers, allowing us to increase the efficiency of CO2 unit coolers and gas coolers. The voluntary Eurovent certification (which guarantees capacity, air quantity, energy consumption, sound pressure levels and construction characteristics) covers all products which make up the range. It is only issued if test results confirm the values stated in the catalogue. LU-VE S.p.A. holds certification based on various standards and conformity requirements such as: • UNI EN ISO 50001:2018 “Energy Management Systems” • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management Systems” • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 “Certified Quality System” • EAC Certification • “QS” Certification (Industrial production of heat exchangers for refrigeration in the Peoples Republic of China) • ASME Certification (only for special ASME units). • Eurovent Certification Nr. 00.10.214 European Directives • 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive • 2014/68/UE Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) • 2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive (LVD) • 2014/30/UE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) CERTIFYALL DRYCOOLERSAIRCOOLEDCONDENSERSDXAIRCOOLERS LU-VE was the first company to obtain the new important European EUROVENT certification “ CERTIFY-ALL ” for all ranges of unit coolers, air cooled condensers and dry coolers. • CDH • CRD 8.6 - 125.1 kW • CHS • LHS • ECS 6.7 - 216.3 kW • FHC • EHC 31.5 - 122.4 kW • FF 13.6 - 109.4 kW 9.3 - 247.2 kW • SHV 3.7 - 82.4 kW • SAV • EAV • XAV • EHV • XHV 13.8 - 1,584 kW • XDHV 49 - 1,000 kW • EHVD 198 - 2,340 kW • RAD 65 - 444 kW • XDHL 38 - 810 kW • EHLD 159 - 1,867 kW • XXLD 347 - 2,333 kW 340 - 1,740 W 470 - 580 W CERTIFICATIONS The industrial unit coolers are designed for the conservation of fresh or frozen goods and for flash freezing/temperature reduction. The standard ranges are suitable for cold rooms or freezing and the special ranges are for specific refrigeration installation requirements. AEROEVAPORATORI INDUSTRIALI INDUSTRIALUNITCOOLERS EVAPORATEURS INDUSTRIELS INDUSTRIE LUFTKÜHLER EVAPORADORES INDUSTRIALES ПРОМЫШЛЕННЫЕ ВОЗДУХООХЛАДИТЕЛИ PRZEMYSŁOWECHŁODNICEPOWIETRZA CERTIFYALL DXAIRCOOLERS LU-VES.p.A. ViaCadutidella Liberazione,53 21040Uboldo (Va) Tel:+390296716.1 e-mail: info@luve.it www.luve.it leadershipwithpassion CONDENSATORIVENTILATI AIRCOOLEDCONDENSERS CONDENSEURSVENTILÉS LUFTGEKÜHLTEVERFLÜSSIGER CONDENSADORESDETIRO FORZADOPORAIRE ВОЗДУШНЫЕКОНДЕНСАТОРЫС ВЕНТИЛЯТОРОМ SKRAPLACZE FREONOWE CERTIFYALL AIRCOOLEDCONDENSERS Code30169751 10/12 LU-VES.p.A. ViaCadutidella Liberazione,53 21040Uboldo (Va) Tel:+390296716.1 e-mail: info@luve.it www.luve.it leadershipwithpassion 1.1 - 8.3 kW • FHA 2.0 - 19.8 kW 1.5 - 81.9 kW 1.9 - 12.4 kW • BMA-SMA • SSMA (A2L) COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING AND INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES • PDF • LS • CS SPECIAL INDUSTRIAL UNIT COOLERS AEROEVAPORATORICOMMERCIALI COMMERCIALUNITCOOLERS EVAPORATEURSCOMMERCIALES COMMERCIAL HOCHLEISTUNGSLUFTKÜHLER EVAPORADORESCOMERCIALES КОММЕРЧЕСКИЙ ВОЗДУХООХЛАДИТЕЛИ KOMERCYJNECHŁODNICE POWIETRZA CERTIFYALL DXAIRCOOLERS LU-VES.p.A. ViaCadutidella Liberazione,53 21040Uboldo (Va) Tel:+390296716.1 e-mail: info@luve.it www.luve.it leadershipwithpassion AEROEVAPORATORICOMPATTIPERO.E.M. COMPACTUNITCOOLERS FORO.E.M. EVAPORATEURSVENTILESCOMPACTS POURO.E.M. KOMPAKT-HOCHLEISTUNGSLUFTKÜHLER FÜRO.E.M. REFRIGERADORESCOMPACTOS PARAO.E.M. КОМПАКТНЫЕВОЗДУХООХЛАДИТЕЛИДЛЯО.Е.М. KOMPAKTOWECHŁODNICEPOWIETRZADLAO.E.M. CONDENSATORIADARIA SENZATUBO PERO.E.M. TUBELESSAIRCOOLEDCONDENSERS FORO.E.M. CONDENSEURSAAIR SANSTUBESPOURO.E.M. LUFTGEKÜHLTEROHRLOSEVERFLÜSSIGER FÜRO.E.M. CONDENSADORESDEAIRE SINTUBOPARAO.E.M. БЕСТРУБНЫЕКОНДЕНСАТОРЫДЛЯO.E.M. BEZRURKOWE SKRAPLACZE POWIETRZADLAO.E.M. COMPACTUNITCOOLERS FORO.E.M. -TUBELESSAIRCOOLEDCONDENSERS FORO.E.M. Code 30169756 06/13 LU-VES.p.A. ViaCadutidella Liberazione,53 21040Uboldo (Va) Tel:+390296716.1 e-mail: sales@luve.it www.luve.it leadershipwithpassion CERTIFYALL DRYCOOLERS Code30168291 02/13 LU-VES.p.A. ViaCadutidella Liberazione,53 21040Uboldo (Va) Tel:+390296716.1 e-mail: sales@luve.it www.luve.it leadershipwithpassion RAFFREDDATORIDI LIQUIDO DRYCOOLERS AERO-REFRIGERANTS FLÜSSIGKEITS-RÜCKKÜHLER ENFRIADORESDE LIQUIDO СУХИЕГРАДИРНИ SUCHECHŁODNICECIECZY The commercial unit coolers are designed for the conservation of fresh and frozen goods. All ranges are super compact and are suitable for cold rooms or, with low ventilation, for laboratories, work rooms and packing areas. The air cooled condensers are used in equipment for refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial processes. Axial and centrifugal fan air cooled condensers with single or twin coil (V shape configuration). The dry coolers are used in industrial processes (to cool water or other fluids) and for air conditioning and refrigeration (water cooling and free cooling). Axial and centrifugal fan dry coolers with single or twin coil (V shape configuration) – Highest capacity and small footprint. The compact unit coolers are designed for small cold rooms, reach-in cabinets and refrigerated cabinets. The constant high efficiency compact condensers are specially designed for OEMs. These products are not included in the Eurovent certification programme. OEM APPLICATIONS • EHF • HF2 250 - 570 W UNIT COOLERS • BHS • SHS 700 - 2,290 W • MMC • FHC • SFHC (A2L) • Emeritus • SAL • XAL • EHL-EAL • XHL 11 - 1,330 kW NEW COMBINED SPRAY + ADIABATIC SYSTEM Minichannel The LU-VE Energy Management System is in compliance with UNI CEI EN 50001:2018. LU-VE is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, which is the most important Quality Assurance Qualification. • FHD • SFHD (A2L)