LMC Condenser range

Do you really need so much refrigerant? The highly efficient performance of the MINICHANNEL® heat exchanger is due to the optimum combination of special louvre profile aluminium fins and high-efficiency Ø 5 mm copper tubes with internal grooves. Thanks to its compact technology, MINICHANNEL® condensers have more than 3 times less refrigerant charge compared with the market standards TUBE Ø 5 mm Market standard Ø 12mm Ø 5mm *Same capacity at same DT and sound level LU-VE Turbocoil ® Ø 10mm - 68% - 40% www.luvegroup.com High performance Ultra low refrigerant charge Capacity, flexibility for every situation EC fan motor as standard HIGH-EFFICIENCY CONDENSERS WITH ULTRA LOW REFRIGERANT CHARGE CONDENSER INTERNAL VOLUME