-50% + + 31594747EN/DE-01 The project exploits green technologies: • CO2 as refrigerant • Low-speed electronic motors • Photovoltaic panels with energy storage system The scope of the project is the creation of an optimized system in terms of number of photovoltaic panels, inverter and energy storage size, starting by the plant characteristics (installation site, heat exchanger size and fan electric consumption). The preliminary study demonstrates that the combined use of high efficiency fans and photovoltaic panels allows a reduction in power consumption of the heat exchanger by more than 50%. Further benefits are ensured by the adoption of CO2: low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and null ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). The CO2 gas cooler with photovoltaic panels to reduce energy consumption A collaboration between LU-VE Group* and Laboratory of Energy Conversion and Storage (LabX) - Politecnico di Milano. Technology to be Greener Helios system combines: • CO2 gas cooler with low RPM EC fan motors • Photovoltaic panels positioned with optimal inclination to maximize productivity • Energy storage system • IoT platform for data collection and analysis *LU-VE Group is an Italian multinational company, world leader in the manufacturing of air heat exchangers (AHE). Since its inception, LU-VE has introduced to the market a series of innovative and successful ideas deriving from a cutting-edge research and development policy and respect for the fundamental principles of environmental protection.