General information & application FHD is the range of dual discharge commercial unit coolers from LU-VE Exchangers, for general application in small to medium-sized cooling, freezing and working rooms. Low air velocity and noise level make them especially suitable for refrigerated working and processing rooms. Dedicated ranges for A2L refrigerants (SFHD), CO2 and brine. Coil The very high-efficiency TURBOCOIL® heat exchangers have the best power/cost ratio obtainable. • High-efficiency TURBOFIN® aluminum fins with special configuration of the louvre profile to reduce dehumidification and frost formation. • High-efficiency small-diameter copper tubes with internal helical grooving, designed for optimal evaporation of the new refrigerant fluids. S tandard fin spacings 3, 4.5 and 7 mm. Casing Newly designed, highly resistant casing in reinforced synthetic "Safeshell" material. Dismountable and openable casing for cleaning and inspecting purposes. Fan motors 1 to 4 fans fitted with EC fan motors available in two fan speeds (noise levels): • S = High Speed (1100 RPM) • L = Low Speed (870 RPM) From 1 to 4 fans Ø 350 mm. Power supply 230/1/50-60. Fan motors wired to connection box. Options • Electric defrost (E). The stainless steel defrost elements are connected to dedicated terminal box. • EC fan motor with 0–10 V control input (0-10). • Pre-coated aluminium fins (AP). Selection Selection and pricing is to be performed with our air heat exchanger selection software Refriger. Selection output includes all relevant technical data and dimensional drawings. Benefits • Energy efficient EC fans. • Less noise for all applications. • New structure in highly resistant synthetic material. • Great flexibility thanks to two-speed fan. • Two-year product guarantee. • Easy access to on-line product information. FHD Refrigerants Capacity range (SC2 with R404) Air quantity FHD Dual discharge unit coolers for cold rooms 1,470 up to 14,570 W 1,400 up to 8,000 m3/h