General information & application FHC is the range of commercial unit coolers from LU-VE Exchangers, designed for optimal conservation of fresh an d frozen goods. Ca pacity range (SC2 with R404) Ai r quantity Co il Th e very high-efficiency TURBOCOIL® heat ex changers have the best power/cost ratio obtainable. • High-efficiency TURBOFIN® aluminum fins with special configuration of the louvre profile to reduce dehumidification and frost formation. • High-efficiency small-diameter copper tubes with internal helical grooving, designed for optimal evaporation of the new refrigerant fluids. S tandard fin spacings 4.5, 6 and 7 mm. Casing Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel casing with epoxy- polyester powder coating RAL 9003. Dismountable and openable casing for cleaning and inspecting purposes. Fan motors 1 to 4 fans fitted with high-efficiency AC or EC fan motors with incorporated thermal protection. Available in 3 fan diameters (275, 315 and 350 mm) drawing through the coil. Motors with external rotor for F31 and F35 models. Power supply 230/1/50-60. Fan motors are wired to a central connection box. JET STREAMER® LU-VE patented the JETSTREAMER® directional grill. The innovative design of its profile provides: • Uniform distribution of airflow through the coil. • Significant increase in air quantity, both with frostfree coil (+4 to +9%) and with frost on the coil (+7 to +15%). The improvement in air quantity during the frosting stage guarantees superior capacity and +25% air throw. Benefits • Extremely high efficiency of heat transfer. • Extremely low internal volume of the circuit. • Low noise level and energy consumption. • Reduced dehumidification of the cold room. • Reduced frost formation. • Long air throw. • Greatly reduced footprint. • Two-year product guarantee FHC FHC Compact commercial cubic unit coolers F 27 F31 - F35 STATIC PRESSURE AIR QUANTITY m3/h Pa TRADITIONAL GRILL 1,450 up to 27,500 W 900 up to 10,400 m3/h Re frigerants Frosted coil Frost-free coil JET STREAMER® GRILL