General information & application FHA is the range of commercial low-silhouette unit coolers from LU-VE Exchangers, for optimal conservation of fresh and frozen goods. Capacity range (SC2 with R404) Air quantity Coil The very high-efficiency TURBOCOIL® 2 heat exchangers have the best power/cost ratio obtainable. • High-efficiency aluminium fins (TURBOFIN®2) with special turbulator profile to reduce dehumidification and frost formation. • Small diameter, high-efficiency copper tubes with inner helical grooving, specifically designed for the new refrigerants. S tandard fin spacings 3, 4.5 and 7 mm. Casing Newly designed, highly resistant casing in reinforced synthetic "Safeshell" material. Casing shape designed to minimize damages caused by accidental impact. Fan motors 1 to 4 fans fitted with AC or EC motors blowing through the coil. Fan Ø 275 mm. Power supply 230/1/50-60. Fan motors wired to connection box. Design pressure Refrigerant Max working pressure HFC* 24 bar CO 2 60 bar** * Fluid group 2 according to EN 378; ** 85 bar in special execution Each heat exchanger is leak tested with dry air and finally supplied with a dry air pre-charge. Fitted with schräder valve on the suction connection for testing purposes. Options • Electric defrost. The stainless steel defrost elements are connected to dedicated terminal box. • Driptray heater. • Corrosion protection: precoated aluminium fins. Selection Selection and pricing is to be performed with our air heat exchanger selection software Refriger. Selection output includes all relevant technical data and dimensional drawings. Benefits • Extremely high efficiency of heat transfer • Extremely low internal volume of the circuit • Low noise level and energy consumption • Reduced dehumidification of the cold room • Reduced frost formation • Low-silhouette for efficient use of cold room space • Two-year product guarantee FHA FHA Low-silhouette unit coolers 850 up to 6,100 W 550 up to 3,000 m3/h Refrigerants