2 3 400%MORE CAPACITY THAN DRY EXCHANGERS Emeritus EMERITUS ® is the new range of condensers and dry coolers created through the collaboration once again of LU-VE with Politecnico di Milano (Milan Polytechnic University). Compared to traditional solutions, EMERITUS ® unites the advantages of evaporative panels with a spray system, managed by a sophisticated control system which increases performance in all climatic conditions. Its use is ideal in: • air conditioning systems • industrial processes • refrigeration systems, (especially in CO2 plant) ADVANTAGES OF EMERITUS ® TECHNOLOGY • • “GIANT” version for shipping by truck and in container EMERITUS ® IS AVAILABLE IN TWO VERSIONS • “MEGA GIANT” version to maximize heat transfer at minimum possible footprint, transportation by truck • New electronic control unit • Adiabatic system • New spray system evolution 2580 2400 2950 2400 BETTER COP Reduction of DT1 operation SILENT OPERATION Up to -6 DB(A) reduction of sound level Up to 60% less energy consumption Up to 80% reduced footprint Up to 95% Reduced water consumption compared to cooling towers INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM Flexible & User friendly compared to dry operation CAPACITY +400% Up to 22 fans silencer