CRD leaflet

General information & application CRD are dual discharge air coolers with radial EC fans for cooling and freezing applications in medium to large cold rooms. This industrial air cooler line is designed to ​ improve acoustic comfort of workers inside cold rooms​ and increase product sustainability​. Refrigerants HFC, ammonia, brine, CO 2 Capacities (SC2) up to 100 kW Air volume up to 47.000 m3/h Standard features • Innovative coil manufactured from internally grooved Cu tubes and aluminium fins. 6, 8 or 12 coil rows. • Cu headers for HFC, brine and CO2 units; inox headers for ammonia units. • Fin spacings 4.5, 6.0, 7.5 and 10.0 mm. • Module length 1200 mm (CRD63) or 1600 mm (CRD64). • 1 to 4 radial EC fans, blowing through the coil. Power supply 400/50-60/3. Radial fan motors, protection degree IP55. Thermal overload protector internally connected. • Each motor is completely pre-wired to an isolator switch and fitted with hinged fan shroud. • Durable aluminium alloy metallic casing, epoxy coated RAL 9003. Hinged drain tray. Dismountable and openable casing for cleaning purposes. • Fitted with schräder valve on the suction connection for testing purposes (brine units excluded). • Sufficient room for fitting the expansion valve inside. • Stickers indicate fan direction and refrigerant in/out. • Delivery in mounting position. Coolers are packed with wooden crate. Installation can take place with use of a forklift. Design pressure Refrigerant application Design pressure HFC 24 bar* Ammonia 22 bar CO 2 45 bar** Brine 24 bar* *19 bar with Ø 108 mm headers; ** higher pressure levels on request Each heat exchanger is leak tested with dry air and finally supplied with a dry air pre-charge. Benefits • Compact size for efficient use of cold room space • Low noise for comfortable working conditions • Product sustainability • Energy efficient EC fans • Easy-install and maintenance thanks to hinged fans shroud • Two-year product guarantee • Advanced product selection software available • Easy access to additional on-line product information CRD Dual discharge industrial air coolers with radial fans RADIAL FANS LOW NOISE PRODUCT SUSTAINABILITY