General information & application The development of new refrigerants has received a considerable thrust since 2015 F-Gas Regulations and EU Regulation 517/2014 have entered in force, moving a significant step forward to the usage of low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants. With the cooling industry phasing down the use of higher GWP refrigerants, countless applications are now moving to refrigerants that are kinder to the environment, most of which are classified as A2L. As their physical properties are similar to HFC refrigerants, they’re relatively easy to use and don’t add complexity to the system. Furthermore, most of the tools installers are used to work with can be used with A2Ls as well. Ultimately, being classed as “mildly flammable”, with few precautions A2L refrigerants are a safe option for most refrigeration applications since they are difficult to ignite. LU-VE Group has been working strategically since years on A2L knowledge with its laboratories and technical staff for the introduction of this new generation of refrigerants. SFHC, SSMA and SFHD are commercial units coolers certified for the Safe use of ASHRAE A2L refrigerants. They are a direct evolution of the well-known LU-VE Exchangers FHC, FHD and SMA families. The products certification have been carried out with TÜV, a third-party independent organization to guarantee the safety of these new families with A2L in case of use of slightly flammable refrigerants. Standard configuration • EC fan motors • Air defrost: certified for the use of any A2L refrigerant • Electrical defrost: certified for the use of the only A2L refrigerants listed on the IEC standard 60335-2-40 Options • Alupaint • Insulated drain tray (SFHC series) • Drain tray heater • Fan shroud heaters SFHC, SSMA, SFHD Commercial unit coolers for A2L applications Benefits • Designed for safe operation with A2L refrigerants • Third-party certified • Compact size for efficient use of cold room space • High performace heat exchangers • Reliable performances • Laboratory tested effectiveness • Energy efficient EC fans • Easy installation and maintenance • Two-year product guarantee